About Mocks

red bamboo design phone coverThe story about Mocks starts in Sydney, Australia, when it was launched in 2004 by entrepreneur Lara Solomon.  Lara saw a similar mobile sock cover product being sold in Thailand, but that product had no branding and the quality varied massively.

In 2005 Mocks were launched in the New Zealand and UK markets and went on from there to take the world by storm selling over 1.6million Mocks worldwide.

There have been over 200 items launched in The Mocks range…. (click on the link to download all the designs) since the brand started.  You can read the full story of how Mocks became a household brand with teens (in 2006 Mocks had 76% brand awareness with Australian teenage girls) in Brand New Day – the book Lara wrote to help other entrepreneurs understand how she built the business from nothing.

Currently Mocks are sold online, there are now just over 50 designs in the range, and even with the size of phones changing on a regular basis there are still Mocks that fit the iPhone 6, Samsung S4 & S5 and more of the Android smartphones out in the stores.